The B O O S T  dance festival is focused on creating opportunities for Seattle contemporary dance artists of all genres to showcase their work alongside their peers with an ever-broadening audience. The hundreds of artists that call the Northwest home complete each year to be showcased in a handful of festivals; the competition is tough, leaving many eligible and talented artists to self-produce at a high financial cost. This year the festival will expand its vision with a firm goal of creating a diverse bill of artists, aiming to create opportunity for choreographers of color. 

BOOST believes in the importance of transparency within the selection process and works to showcase a wide range of artists who have unique experiences, outlooks, views, and therefore art.    

2018 marks the BOOST dance festival’s seventh season, It moved into a bi-annual event celebrating and presenting northwest dance artists in 2014 (previously it was an annual event). This year BOOST will returns to its home at the Erickson Theater in Capitol Hill, Seattle, March 23-25, 2018.


In addition, BOOSTmeUP, a virtual mini BOOST featuring northwest pre-professional schools, conservatories, and studios will be produced in congruent with the main BOOST festival. BOOSTmeUP will be presented as a matinee series, March 24-25, 2018.